Open for Dine In, Take Out, and Delivery

Whether you come over and grab a table with a friend inside or on the patio, grab something to go while you’re on the run, or order online for pick-up or delivery, Citizen has something for everyone!

We offer sandwiches made from locally sourced ingredients, fresh muffins, cookies, and desserts daily with gluten free and vegan options, and a wide variety of coffees, espressos, teas, and more.

Thanksgiving. I want to thank my work family, past and present. With 7 full years at Citizen I've been blessed to work side by side with wonderful people. We lost one of our work family members in September. I miss and mourn Alex every single day, I wish she was still with us. The loss of Alex has made me acutely aware of how much my staff means to my heart... I really just want to tell those many people I've worked with that you deeply matter to me. I am thankful every day for your contributions to my life. I'm incredibly proud of who our team members have grown into and how we have all grown together. With compassion as our foundation Citizen has always thrived in the diversity of our opinions, heritage, and life experiences. Thank you for making my life better. 
Closed Monday . 
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I can only tag 20 ppl so I didn't get to tag all of my people but I love you too.
Saturday .. our equipment may still be broken but our turtle brownies are plentiful.
Here's a bright idea πŸ’‘, pop by for a vegan treat or a latte today! ⁠
⏰ We're open from 7AM - 5PM Monday to Fri-yay.
πŸŽƒ f r I d a y
We weren't able to offer a Thanksgiving package this year as our freezer has been down for longer than desirable. Have you made pie without a freezer? Also less than desirable. With a part freshly delivered and soon to be installed we have started our pumpkin pie pop tart factory. Please be patient with us while we get back to our regular jam.
O c t ober .. assembling pumpkin pie pop tarts tomorrow. Stay tuned to when they're available for ordering online or purchase in store. πŸŽƒ thanks for putting up with our temporary pop tart delay. We are working through equipment failures but are feeling very positive we will be pulling through soon!
2 oz Bean North espresso, 4 oz steamed milk, and a whole lotta love.⁠
Trust us, this Cappuccino will make your Wednesday.β˜•πŸ‘Œ
S A G E 🌿⁠ This pretty bunch is for our tasty soups!⁠
And guess what? It's harvested from a farm in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan (you know how we like things home grown around here.)⁠
Come visit this week, we're open weekdays 7AM - 5PM πŸ•‘β 
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Today's Friday! Treat yourself to something delicious - you deserve it!⁠
P.s. this salad is as fresh as it gets 😍 come say hey and grab one for lunch!
Morning, mid-afternoon, late at night - sometimes ya just need a cake jar.⁠
β˜‘οΈ P.s. our hours are as follows - save this post so you never forget!⁠
⏰ Monday - Friday: 7AM to 5PM⁠
⏰ Saturday: 9AM to 4PM⁠
⏰ Sunday: 10AM to 3PM.⁠
These gorgeous babies are for the Beets By Dre Sandwich!⁠
Have you tried it?⁠
It's one of our favourite menu items for a reason! It's got caramelized onions, roasted beets, greens, chevre cheese and dijon mustard, all between two pieces of organic @thenightoven sourdough bread 😍 🍞
Who says you need a reason to eat cake? Pop by and celebrate yourself by enjoying a decadent Citizen cake jar!⁠
They're vegan & gluten free, too! πŸ’–
Fresh pear, radish, orange, toasted pecans, chevre cheese (vegan without) and balsamic dressing on local greens. We will pop a few into our grab and go cooler for you to run away with during your busy week.
Open all weekend πŸ’₯ 9am to 4pm Saturday | 10am to 3pm Sunday . 
(@andy_schaan 🎨)
Friday | apple pie with a brewed coffee. See you soon ✌ 7am to 5pm
We are all in this together ❀
Full on harvest prep in the kitchen.  September is a great time to connect with real food.
We brought the farm home tonight thanks to our friends out in Vanscoy. Looking forward to prepping veg and drying herbs tomorrow.
Grocery & Catering

Choose from some of our favourite comfort foods like the craveable cheezy dill dip, classic curried chicken salad mix, or signature banana chocolate muffins. Pre-order your groceries for pick up before heading out to the cabin for the weekend.

Or maybe you’re hosting a special event, a training course, or a meeting? We can set you up with an assortment of sandwiches or desserts! Let us know what you need and when you need it and we’ll handle the rest.