Meat Panini

Egg, cherrywood smoked bacon, tomato, spinach, mayo, and cheese

Toast With PB&J

Classic peanut butter and jelly toast

Veggie Panini

Egg, house-made hummus, tomato, spinach, and cheese

Seasonal Fruit Cup

Fruit cup including fruits currently in season

Breakfast With A Brew

Veggie or meat breakfast panini served with a coffee

The Frobisher Sandwich

White sourdough bread, deli-sliced turkey breast, greens, red onion, zesty citrus cranberry mayo, and jalapeño monterey jack cheese

The Malarkey Panini

White sourdough bread, bacon, guacamole, tomato, spinach, sriracha mayo, and smoked cheddar slices

The Pal Devi Sandwich

Whole wheat bread, curried chicken salad
with pumpkin seeds, celery, cranberry, red onion, and greens

The Pollan Sandwich

White sourdough bread, granny smith apple slices, coffee infused bacon jam. and smoked cheddar

The Douglas Sandwich

Focaccia bun, chicken breast, bacon, greens, tomato, chipotle mayo, and smoked cheddar slices

The Trudeau Sandwich

Whole wheat bread, carrot, cucumber, greens, ecobain garden micros, basil mayo, and feta

The Ellen Sandwich *vegan

Whole wheat bread, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, cashew nut cheese, and black bean spread

The Smith Sandwich

White sub bun, saucy sautéed portobello mushroom, green pepper, onion, and provolone

The Beets By Dre Sandwich

Whole wheat bread, ecobain garden greens, roasted beets, caramelized onions, whole grain mustard, and chevre

The Casanova Sandwich *vegan

Focaccia bun, cornmeal crusted zucchini, tofu ricotta, spinach, and marinara

* this facility contains flour and although we prevent against cross-contamination with our 'no-gluten-added' items, we cannot prevent against airborne flour particles from reaching your food.

Ask about our daily soup and salad or check our Instagram account at @citizen_cafe.

Breakfast and lunch items are served until 1 hour before closing.

Add soup, salad, bacon, chicken, or an egg for an extra cost.

Ask about our kid's menu.

Citizen proudly pours Bean North, Yukon roasted coffee beans and tea, from Ontario’s Social Tea company. All of our baking and savoury lunch items are prepped in-house using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, supporting local when we can. We lovingly supply allergen friendly fare, such as gluten free baking and lunch along with vegetarian and vegan options.

Citizen can also cater any of your events with lunch or baked goods. Let us help you make your next meeting or event convenient, memorable and delicious!

We are in the process of updating our catering form and will have a new one posted soon!

Citizen Cafe & Bakery

#18-23rd Street East, Saskatoon, SK

Monday - Friday: 7AM - 5PM
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM
Sunday: Closed